Monday, July 26, 2010


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Instead of using unobservable theoretical entities, such as refracting and reflecting rays of light, we observe images in "drops of water". The following pictures are photographed from pastel drawings (50cm x 70cm and 70cm x 100cm format), forming an exhibition on the topic: Phenomenological rainbow study. The drawings also make up for the observational material for the rainbow study mentioned earlier.

Picture 1.
Inverted image of a landscape seen through a suspended "drop of water". A falling raindrop in a rainstorm takes the form of a perfect sphere. Therefore spherical glass vessels, filled with water, have been used for rainbow study by most researchers in history.

Picture 2.
Same landscape seen through a larger "drop", a glass vessel filled with water.

Picture 3.
Here the "drop" is in a darkened room. The bright doorway is seen as a reflection on the drop's surface.

Picture 4.
We place ourself between the drop and the open doorway, facing the drop. Two images of the doorway are seen in the drop. One is inverted and the other is upright.

Picture 5.
We move to the side (left from the line, drop - doorway). The two images on the drop move away from each other. The inverted image on the left moves towards the left edge of the drop. As it reaches the edge, its geometry is broken and the image is deformed and bent in a peculiar way. Bluish colors also appear on its edges.

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